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Our mission is to love, develop, and lead people into the next movement of Christian social-global transformation.

We exist to help individuals succeed, families thrive, and communities prosper.



The social-global focus of this church is the salvation and growth of individual people and families through the teachings, messages and concepts found in the Bible and applied through an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to discipleship. A secondary purpose of the church is to cultivate apprentice leaders to develop additional churches and organizations. A tertiary purpose is to change hearts and bring hope to individuals, families, and communities through a symbiotic organizational designs and partners leading to social-spiritual change in serving many sectors of the international economy. 


We are a few years removed from the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. A lot of things are no longer working. No one structure, whether its a church, corporation, education center, or network can solve this. But many working together can make a difference. A lot of structures have also lost the plot. We feel like we can be a mini NEO-REF-ORM-ATION by forging together.


To be a national leader in developing leaders, building organizations, and community development.


Dr. Dave has held various titles, started and developed ministries and non-profits. He's worked with many pastors and churches. Elizabeth has worked and consulted with many non-profits and continues. Dave and Elizabeth have degrees and experience in social cultural studies, ministry, theology, business administration, public administration, counseling, and education. Their goal is human flourishing.

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