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Every journey has a story, and we want you to hear ours. And then we want to listen to yours. When you make an investment into NEXUS, your investing in a long term strategy of developing Christian ministries and ecosystems that will touch a variety of sectors in different ways.  

From seminaries to scratching turn tables, we want to provide you with the case for why NEXUS is a good investment of your time and dollars into movements of Christian community. Our team has 20 years of leadership development in cities, suburbs, and rural communities.


Dave and Elizabeth have a proven record of going into a community, building up people, meeting needs, connecting partners, developing organizations and fast moving succession for long term gains:

We have experienced amazing moments of flourishing community across evangelicalism and want you and your  family to experience that same deep Christian belonging. Moments for us include impact cultural moments in Minneapolis, MN, sponsorship from Menlo Park Presbyterian to attend Fuller Seminary, working with many pastors and ministries in the Midwest. We want others to experience that as well!


We have seen major missions breakthrough, worked with denominations, been elected to various church offices, have worked for universities, and have provided research for organizations from Orange County, CA to Washington, D.C.

In recent years, Dave founded a University campus in Columbus from scratch and worked with Emerge  developing extensions, telehealth, and counseling centers. Emerge is now in three states.

Now we prepare to launch Nexus to see God's kingdom flourish in partnership with you!

Dr. Dave  preaching
SEU Ohio the University that Dr. Dave Pafford started

Phase 1:

NEXUS is seeking $700,000 for 5 aspects.

Step 1: $175,000 for equipment, supplies, and rental startup for a church in Columbus.

Step 2: $50,000 for NEXUS central office set up in Columbus

Step 3: $125,000 for the launch of IMAGE (nex-gen campaigns) 

Step 4: $175,000 for equipment, supplies, and rental startup for a second campus in Columbus.

Step 5: $175,000 for equipment, supplies, and rental startup for a church in Cincy

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